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Bioenergy Solutions


We provide solid fuel bioenergy solutions

SteamPro offers boiler solutions for solid wood-based biofuel in the form of entire plants or individual equipment. In Finland, quantitatively the greatest source of bioenergy is wood-based fuels from the forest. Approximately one fifth of all energy consumed in Finland is produced with wood and wood-based energy sources.

Wood chips, pellets and briquettes as fuel

We represent Schmid, a Swiss company, which, for more than 75 years, has manufactured equipment producing heat from biomass to the demanding Central European market. Schmid has a wide selection of high-quality bioheat equipment for industrial use; it is safe and utilises renewable energy. The equipment supplied by SteamPro uses wood processing by-products, such as wood chips, pellets and briquettes, as fuel.

Other bioenergy solutions

In addition to solid fuel plants, SteamPro supplies biogas engines manufactured by GE Jenbacher and IET Energy for the production of green energy. Our equipment is used in most of the biogas plants in Finland. We also offer Malmberg's equipment for processing biogas into biomethane.