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GE Jenbacher Gas Engines

GE Jenbacher gas engines

GE Jenbacher manufactures engines for the power range of 250 - 4117 kW. GE Jenbacher gas engines were originally designed to run on gases of a wide heat value range. They can use as fuel nearly all gases from natural gas to wood gas.

In a biogas plant, utilisation is usually carried out as a CHP system, i.e. cogeneration of electricity and heat. The diagram below presents the cogeneration process in a typical biogas plant.

In accordance with EU's landfill directive, the landfill gases must be collected and burnt, if nothing else. However, it makes more sense to turn landfill gas into electricity and heat. If the heat cannot be used as such, connecting the equipment to ORC technology allows you to utilise the heat and produce electricity. In any case, electricity can always be produced at full capacity.