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Clayton – dependable and efficient steam boiler

American Clayton is the world's leading manufacturer of steam boilers with more than 80 years of experience in energy production. Clayton steam boilers can be placed safely in all locations and are suitable for generating steam in laundries, hospitals, chemical industry, food industry and ships, for example. Clayton steam boilers are also applicable as auxiliary boilers in power plants due to their quick start-up, because steam readiness is reached within 15 minutes of cold start-up.

Thanks to their structure, Clayton steam boilers fit in small floor areas. Their structure (spiral) is safe and they are the only steam boilers that can handle an operating pressure of 60 bar.

Benefits of Clayton steam boiler

  • High operating efficiency
  • Excellent steam quality
  • Long service life

Clayton ensures efficiency also in the long run. Maximum unit size is 13 MW.

Clayton generator can also be delivered complete with accessories. The equipment can be skid-mounted.