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Schmid solid fuel boilers

Schmid offers a wide variety of industrial bio-heat equipment utilising renewable energy. For 75 years, Schmid has manufactured heat-producing equipment utilising biomass for the demanding Central European market. SteamPro is supplying in Finland this high-quality bio-heat equipment of 3 – 25 MW imported by SGN Group Oy. SteamPro has more than 50 years of experience in energy production, and as a responsible actor we focus ever more on steam and heat production solutions that utilise renewable energy.

Schmid industrial boilers are of high quality and safe. The design of the boiler and the model of the furnace ensure that the fuel burns at a high temperature, which, together with a long burning period of the combustion gases, enables extremely high operating efficiency and pure burning.

  • Schmid's underfeed boiler models UTS-K and P are for burning wood pellets and wood chips as fuel with humidity content of 10 – 40 %.
  • The boilers of model UTS-R, equipped with an air-cooled moving grate, are applicable to moist wood-based fuels with humidity content of up to 60 %.
  • Boilers of model UTS-W, equipped with a water-cooled moving grate, are applicable to dry fuels, such as wood and peat pellets with humidity content of below 30 %.

SteamPro sales team will give you further information and help you select the right type of boiler system, so please contact us!