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Full-service bioenergy solution from forerunner

SteamPro is a forerunner in utilising biogas. Our equipment is used in most of the biogas plants in Finland. Thanks to our versatile know-how, we are able to be fully in charge of energy production. Our full-service bioenergy solutions include planning, delivery, installation and maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the equipment.

Biogas engines produce green energy. Biogas engines offer a solution to various energy needs, from electricity production to CHP plants. The plants are based on the gas engine systems manufactured by GE Jenbacher and IET Energy. Biogas can also be used as fuel in the steam and heat plants supplied by SteamPro.

We offer gas engines in the power range of 30 – 4117 kW. We have more than 1900 MV of experience and know-how in biogas engines.

Processing biogas for fuel in vehicles

We sell the equipment of Malmberg Water for purifying biogas to make biomethane.

Watch the video on biogas purification

Purification of biogas for use in engines and boilers

SteamPro provides you with biogas pre-treatment systems (drying, pressurising and filtering) for removing condensation water and silicon compounds. This measure makes the gas purer, which in turn reduces the need of maintenance.