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Steam for Construction Site

Steam for construction quickly and professionally

We have excellent competence and long traditions in supplying steam for construction. Our versatile, efficient and durable steaming equipment and experienced personnel ensure successful construction even in demanding winter conditions. The extremely hot and dry steam supplied by our steaming equipment enables concreting and frost thawing in the winter.

Steam is the most efficient way to remove frost from the ground. Thanks to adequate steam power, we give you the best thawing results. The thawing capacity per unit of our equipment is 20-40 m2/h depending on the quality of the soil.

Steam orders for construction round the clock

Weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm Tel +358 10 417 4622
Emergency duty Tel +358 10 417 4600

Steam for temporary and long-term needs

Temporary needs are met quickly by a steam boiler mounted on a lorry that is driven to the site, whereas long-term needs are best met with a steam unit built in a container. Our mobile equipment allows us to provide steam energy in the power range of 0.5 – 50 MW.

We supply steam at short notice. A steam supply contract ensures that you always have sufficient steam equipment available.

The compact and handy HydroHeater unit is also excellent for thawing frosty ground, when less power is needed; it functions unattended and independently.